About Us


Our bodies can best protect themselves when treated with respect and enabled to provide effective solutions. Traditional and modern Chinese therapies working in synergy with conventional Western medicine can enable the body to find it's own solutions in a calm and constructive manner. Exciting new acupuncture treatments working with more traditional Chinese medicine concepts are applied in a sympathetic and holistic environment, allowing the patient to relax and find power within their bodies to achieve their goals  

Li Ping Bartlett

Li Ping Bartlett practices in modern and traditional acupuncture as well as traditional Chinese herbal medicine. She trained at Middlesex University and has worked with some of the top practitioners in the country. 

She is licensed by the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK and manages the World TCM Online Forum English Service, working to develop global awareness of new techniques and patient needs.  

Li Ping is also an experienced Dentist and Orthodontist having graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong Universities, one of the top medical universities in China and practised in the UK, Dubai, South Korea and China.

Our Promise to You

We care about your well being and  

can work with you to achieve your health goals, whatever the challenge; 

acute or chronic pain relief, general health issues, depression and malaise, or IVF support